Enroll, Transact, Reward

Enjoy labour and time savings with ADERA’s complete suite of mobile-based cashless payment solutions. Create potential for greater sales with transactional data collected from your various channels.

Provide frictionless campaigns and effective loyalty schemes through personalized campaigns with a personal touch.

Everything an App Needs

Mobile Token

Strengthen the security of transactions with ADERA’s mobile token.

QR Payment

Supports any QR payments needs - static or dynamic.

Mobile Wallet

End-to-end integration of mobile app with an e-wallet to store credits and rewards.

Face Recognition Payment

Fast, secured and easy payment. No phones required for face recognition payments at POS terminals.

Secured Database

Biometric DB for authenticating users and transactions.

Data Analytics

Personalized digital promotions through analysis of transactional data.

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Onboarding & e-KYC

Supports multi-channel onboarding with automated KYC - Document / ID verification and face recognition with liveness detection.

All Transactions

Face recognition payments, P2P Transfers, wallet top-ups, bill payments, loyalty points and redemption

Supporting All Your Payment Needs

Online Payments

Static QR

Receipt Generation

Dynamic QR Code Payment

Mix It Up

Depending on your business requirements & needs, we integrate for your ultimate app.

  • Instant KYC
  • Wallet Enrollment / Activation
  • Data Collection & Secured Storage
  • Mobile Wallet & Top Up
  • QR Payment, Receipt Generation
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Merchant Management
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Mobile Token
  • Face Enrollment & Verification
  • Central Digital ID Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Daily Settlement
  • Transaction Reconciliation

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