Trust is Our Algorithm

With continuous innovation, ADERA has evolved into a combination of secured data management and biometrics, powered by AI.

Extract, Compare, Authenticate, Automate

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), automate your KYC (Know-Your-Customer) processes, reducing the need for tokens, PINs and passwords.

Whether in financial, government, retail, health, telecommunications or public sectors, ADERA enables you to provide 24/7 convenient and personalised services through data analytics and secured enrolment, authentication to transaction.


Sometimes an additional layer of authentication is required for high value transactions. ADERA Biometric suite includes FACE, Fingerprint and iris for 2 FA authentications or on its own.

Face Comparison

Comparing 90 points on a user's portrait from a simple selfie and a registered ID photo, ADERA's AI automatically generates a validity score of the match. A low score alerts you of possible impersonation fraud.

AI Engine

Constructed by Big Data, automated workflows through multi-data points, everything is powered by ADERA's AI engine to give a omni-channel, secure and seamless verification experience.

Liveness Detection

Besides similarity scoring of a selfie and ID photo, ADERA's AI generates a validity score that tells you if the user is in fact using a live selfie or impersonating with a recorded video or wearing a mask resulting in a low validity score.

Identity Document Verification

ADERA uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract key data from official documents such as ID, license cards and passports to compare with trusted databases to verify users and/or conduct instant and automated from filling for fast applications.

Adera Technology Benefits


Top accuracy, super fast omni-channel authentication


Automated KYC for seamless customer on boarding and applications


Integrating multi-data points and sources for data visualisation and actionable data


Synergize with existing IT stack, orchestrate with different processes and software

With over 30 years of experience in secured data handling, ADERA is committed to ensuring data security at the highest standards. Besides employing the best and latest technologies and practices, our security-first approach ensures the confidentiality of your data as well as compliance to eliminate fraud - allowing you to focus on your business growth.


Handling time

Lower Costs

Per transaction


Service levels 


in Productivity

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