Automated Workflows, Personalized Engagements

Capturing, archiving and retrieval of data from a wide range of sources forms the lifeline of an efficient bank. ADERA helps to automate data collection and increase productivity by going digital, shortening queues and ensuring accurate data collection with no human error.

Streamlining your processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

Why Automate?


Consistent Interactions for the Best Customer Experience

With standardised workflows across business processes, ensure a seamless customer experience across devices and locations


Accuracy at Scale

Do more and at a higher accuracy where people and systems process based on pre-defined workflow rules


Improve Productivity & Full Visibility on Service Requests

Managers can track, analyse and report on service levels, identify bottlenecks or automatically transfer information to other business systems

What We Automate For You

  • Digital ID Enrollment & Authentication
  • Automated e-KYC
  • Instant Account Opening
  • Self-service Application with Automated Form Filling
  • Automated Onboarding
  • Access Controls
  • IT Service Requests
  • Security Access Requests
  • Change Requests
  • Maintenance requests
  • Reduced Approval Cycles
  • Reduce Manual Handling
  • Eliminate Human Errors
  • Improved Visibility
  • Improved Customer & Employee Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Workflow Management

Workflow Automated

Virtual Teller Machine

Increase Transaction Volumes

With a small footprint

Optimize Workflows

Quick loans, applications, account opening

Identify Needs

With a 24/7 Virtual teller

Optimize Resources

Centralize tellers & product specialists

Automated Form Filler

Data Collection

With digitization expertise

Enroll Biometrics

Face, iris, fingerprint and personal data secure storage

Self-Service Application

Integrated with queue and payment system

Automated Form Filling

Store templates, minimise human error

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