Corporate Profile

An era of trust begins with ADERA. We are Singapore’s globally trusted leader in data security and automation, working in partnership with international banks, businesses and governments to advance the future of a secure world.

Trust is our algorithm. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies dedicated to customers’ security, we stand on a foundation of trust forged over 30 years. From digital identification, payment solutions, automation, and smart cards – we innovate smart solutions by anticipating customers’ needs.

At the backbone of ADERA is the power of AI. More than the acronym of artificial intelligence, AI is our collaborative culture of Activating Ideas together. A partnership of human and AI with over 200 R&D engineers harnessing cutting-edge technology, we advance intelligence for a better and safer future.

Don’t just adapt to the future.

Advance it with ADERA.


Advancing the Frontiers of a Secure World

  1. 1 We envision a world of unparalleled security, where people worry less, live more.
  2. 2 All our technology is driven forward by our passion to make lives better.
  3. 3 Always advancing, we are a future-forward company. Visionary. Progressive. A leader in the world of data security.


Converging Human Expertise and Cutting-Edge Technology to Constantly Innovate Smart, Secure Solutions

  1. 1 Our people are vital to activating ideas, optimising the power of artificial intelligence and technology to transform the way businesses and governments impact people’s lives.
  2. 2 ADERA technology is vital in learning and understanding customers better.
  3. 3 The dynamic collaboration of human and technology ignites intelligent solutions, enabling ADERA to truly advance the world of data security.

Adera Values


Our most basic tenet, our core algorithm, is the one we value above all. Trust is the foundation of who we are. Adhering to ethical business practices and protecting the trust of our customers is what defines the ADERA distinction.


We are not afraid to disrupt traditional business models to make way for something better. Some call it our enterprising spirit. Our bold pursuit of innovation. Our passion for possibilities. To us, it is simply the ADERA courage.


Relationships drive us forward. The partnerships we have forged with businesses and governments, our commitment to customers, the passion to impact lives – these propel us forward to constantly advance a secure future for us all.

We are Aderas

We are Doers

  • Proactive.
  • Dynamic
  • Solvers in Action

We are Dreamers

  • Imagineers
  • Visionaries
  • Optimists Shaping the Future

We are Defenders

  • Guardians
  • Steadfast
  • Keepers of Trust

We are Darers

  • Game Changers
  • Disruptors
  • Leaders

History & Milestones


Founded in 1984 as a specialty printing factory.

1996 to 2005

Started card manufacturing.

Started manufacturing telecommunications cards for international OEM.

Qualified for MasterCard, Visa, AMEX & China UnionPay.

2006 to 2012

Qualified to supply payment cards to Chinese banks.

Expanded into biometric technology & business services.

Developed automated pension withdrawal using face recognition for a semi-government agency.


Acquired Singapore’s largest secured data handling service bureau – DataPost Pte Ltd.

Expanded into business process outsourcing and variable data management.


Won tender to develop 24/7 automated KYC application with face recognition for a Malaysian bank.


Developed card-less ATM withdrawal and VIP recognition for a global top ranking bank.

Developed a digital branch to enable 24/7 account opening and automated fixed deposit machines for a Chinese bank, resulting them to win best digital bank 2018.


Developed proof of concepts for government agencies for face recognition access controls.

Developed digital branches with virtual teller machines for a top Cambodian bank.

Developed unmanned store concept for phone-less, cashless and cardless payments.

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