Automated SafeEntry gantries bring benefits




                                                                                                            ADERA’s BCAT and Bpass automated gantry/gateway system



Since the introduction of fully automated SafeEntry gateway systems around our island home, people have found the checking in and temperature taking process at malls and other establishments to be more efficient as well as safer due to the lessened contact within close proximities of other people.


Here are the benefits that our BPass (Automated SafeEntry Gantry) provide:

  • Facial Recognition (FR) cameras for face recognition and the checking for the presence of masks, gantry will only open if a mask is detected
  • Infrared Sensors for temperature measurement of the face only
  • Barcode and QR scanner for scanning of TraceTogther token QR and NRIC barcodes
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanner to check for SafeEntry scanning on smartphone screen
  • SafeEntry Gateway scanner for scanning Bluetooth enabled devices such as TraceTogether token and app



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