BreadTalk, ADERA to create fintech and digital solutions for SMEs


The events that have unfolded in 2020 have triggered a deeper reflection on how technology can make more positive changes and enable businesses to be more agile.

At ADERA, we believe that technology is an enabler of greater inclusion and this is particularly important as communities and economies make the strategic transition towards SMART CITY and INDUSTRIAL 4.0.

Achieving these technology advances will require partnerships for both R&D and implementation, leading the way to product development and deployment for mainstream adoption.

Both ADERA and BreadTalk Group recognise that our combined knowhow and experience can create cutting edge fintech and digital tools to harness new opportunities.

On 23 September 2020, both companies formalised the partnership with a technology joint venture.

As businesses adapt and adjust to the new normal economy, both ADERA and BreadTalk Group look forward to use our best talents and expertise together to create new innovative digital means of doing business for all the stakeholders.

The first batch of fintech and digital solutions is targeted to be rolled-out by 1Q2021 and it will be deployed progressively across BreadTalk Group’s F&B establishments as proof-of-concepts before adaption for mainstream adoption in other industries.

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